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Broaden Your Company's Exposure!

Your Company's identity is an important key to its success. Now you have a chance to develop a "presence" on the World-Wide Web without having to break your budget. MM&D provides you with complete web development including such services as interactive design, graphic design, e-commerce functionality, sound and video, database infrastructure and programming. We will assist you in the initial planning of a strategy that will achieve your goals in establishing a presence on the Web — all within your budget.

A web site from MM&D can set you apart from your competition!

A well designed web site can build a company's image, provide better customer support, make technical information more easily available, help develop a prospect list, conduct customer surveys, offer products and/or services and take and process orders. Designing effective web sites require expertise on both the creative and technical side. At MM&D we offer everything you need to enhance your presence on the web at an affordable price. Our services include:

Web Development, Design and Graphic Services
  • Complete Web Development
  • Web Site Maintenance Contracts
  • Custom Logos
  • Custom Design (no templates)
  • Custom Graphic Images
  • Digital Photography
  • Follow-up Web Site Marketing and Advertising

Programming, Database Development and e-commerce Services

  • Complete Web Programming Development
  • Online database applications
  • e-commerce development and solutions

Setting up a web site is no guarantee customers will visit. If you want a successful, well-visited web site you must also embark on an advertising and/or promotional campaign. At MM&D we'll work with you to create a plan that will drive traffic to your site and convey a powerful message for you customers.

As a leading designer, Magee Marketing continues to produce innovative, effective and functional web sites that meet our customers' ever changing needs. At the same time, we understand that the success of our clients in the long term is about more than just creating great web sites. Call us today and find out what we mean when we talk about Success By Design.

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To view web site portfolio, click here

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